Festival de photographies 2019 – les Azimutés d’Uzès

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Les Azimutés d'Uzès organisent la 5ème édition de leur Festival de la Photo. Il se tiendra au cœur d’Uzès, dans son magnifique Hôtel de Ville ainsi que dans dix autres espaces pour découvrir les univers artistiques de 20 auteurs photographes.

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This event invites you to discover the artistic worlds of twenty photographer authors.

This year’s guest of honour is photographer and ethnographer Pierre de Vallombreuse, winner of the Albert Kahn International Prize in 2017 (previously awarded to Raymond Depardon, Stanley Greene, Françoise Huguier and Marc Riboud).

For more than thirty years, Pierre de Vallombreuse has been a tireless witness to the lives of indigenous peoples on five continents. Its photographic collection of 43 peoples pays tribute to the precious diversity of the world and reveals the multiplicity of responses to the living conditions imposed by nature and history. As an anthropologist, he makes us discover the complex reality of the lifestyles of these vulnerable populations whose heritage is vital to us. He will present in Uzès his photos taken during multiple stays in the Palawan Valley, Indonesia.

Among the twenty photographers on display, the Festival Photo des Azimutés d’Uzès will present the series of other travellers, such as “Six degrees sud” by Gilles Nicolet who worked for Géo, the Sunday Times, the National Geographic Magazine and Paris-Match, “Un conte d’hiver” by Thierry Vezon, author of numerous books on the Cévennes, the Camargue and other places, and “Ibaba”, Rwandan embroider girls photographed by the set designer and plastic artist Marie Moroni. In the series “Allers-Retours”, Pierre Montant reveals the unusual daily life of Parisian metro passengers.

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Phone : 06 26 73 83 12
E-mail : azimutes.uzes@gmail.com
Website : https://lesazimutesduzes.com/

How to come?

Hôtel de Ville
30700 Uzès

From 17/08 to 24/08/2019, daily.


Free of charge.